Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Pick Shops in Abuja for Rent

If you are among the numerous enterprising men and women who do business in Abuja, you’ll realize that doing business isn’t as easy and straight forward in this city as it is in other cities in Nigeria. There is the fact that you can’t just open shop anywhere and start doing business without following regulations and these regulations are not without implications one of which is high cost of renting a shop plus the dreaded demolition squad of FCTA.

Most shops in Abuja are located in shopping malls, plazas and markets in Abuja. These locations for shops aren’t cheap and getting a shop that will serve you well in terms of patronage is a big challenge because there are many other shops scattered around that offer the same product/service you’re offering. But before you set out to pick a shop you want to rent remember to consult with someone in a good position to guide you properly. Keep these tips handy because they might serve you well.

What are you dealing in?

What you’re dealing in may affect your chances of making sales. An eatery located in a busy shopping plaza is more likely to do good business than one in a market for the simple reason that most people in the market are on a mission – shopping whereas eateries are more fitting for a recreational environment which most plaza in the city center can provide. A good place to open an eatery is Wuse 2 the ‘headquarters’ of restaurants and eateries in Abuja. So what you are offering should determine whether you want a shop in a plaza, mall or market.


The location in terms of which area of Abuja you intend to rent a shop is the number one thing to consider when you want to rent a shop. Shops in highbrow areas of Abuja are expensive and tend to enjoy lower patronage because of the exclusivity of these areas. So Garki, Wuse, Maitama and Asokoro are not for low budget folks. On the other hand a shop in a plaza in Wuse like Sky Memorial plaza is relatively affordable (from N500K a year) compared to a similar shop in Maitama. On the other hand shops in Wuse Market, Area 1 Market or Utako Market are slightly less expensive than those found in Plazas.


Which part of the market or plaza is your business located? If your shop is the first thing shoppers see when they enter the market then so much the better for you since that means more visibility and therefore more patronage. If your shop is on the last floor of a 4 storey plaza and at the back, then it would make sense if you are running a law firm, since patronage wouldn’t be depend on how easily people can find you. My point is if you are selling goods to consumers, pick a shop that is either overlooking a main road with a bold sign even if you’re on the last floor or try and secure a space on the ground floor preferably close to the entrance of the plaza.

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